Backyard Project – Ugly Tree Stump

tree stump hanging basket decoration

Here’s how things work in our house:  I have a random proposal/idea/project vision.  I tell my husband about it, who then has the sole responsibility to figure out how to actually make it happen.

Last fall my husband took down a tree in our backyard.  To be clear, this was not one of my brilliant ideas.  I was rather opposed, but the story ends happily with extra open yard space, a pile of firewood, and no loss of life or property.  It also ended with an ugly stump in our backyard.

All throughout the cold, damp months I contemplated what to do with it.  Should I make it into a planter?  Put some sort of fountain or birdbath on it?  Should we pay someone to grind it out?  Lots of options, but then it hit me…

“Babe!  I want you to figure out some way to put a metal post thingy with a loop on the top so we can have like a hangy-basket and flowers or something for it to be pretty!”

And, as usual, he stopped what he was doing and looked at me for a few moments without saying a word.  Then, the confused look cleared and he said, “I’m sure I can figure something out.”

Brilliance, meet practicality.

After buying the supplies, the whole project was done in less than half an hour.

Post Plant Hanger – Tree Stump Decoration


  • 1 fence post or deck post
  • 2 hanging basket hangers
  • 4 shelf brackets


  • drill
  • chainsaw, reciprocating saw, or circular saw


1.  Attach the planter hangers to the top of the post at your desired height.

hanging planter

2.  Attach the shelf brackets to the bottom of the post, making sure it is flush with the bottom.  More importantly, take a photo of the process and make sure your 5-year-old photobombs your efforts.


3.  Use a saw to cut grooves in the stump so your post will sit level on the stump.


4.  Set the post on the stump and ensure it is level.


5.  Affix the post to the stump.


I absolutely love the finished product.  It provides color and height in a previously ugly corner of the yard, and better yet, my Mother’s Day flowers came in hanging baskets this year!

tree stump hanging basket decoration




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