We Call Ourselves Campers…

…but I feel that title needs a bit of an explanation.

You see, we started like this.


And then I decided I was pushing 30 and didn’t want to sleep on the ground anymore, and we upgraded to this.

teardrop cooking
teardrop trailer

Then our first child arrived, and we camped with him as an infant, and between him and the dog found ourselves feeling a bit cramped, so we moved to this.

pop-up camper
pop-up camper

And then our daughter arrived, and again, during her first summer with us we started to feel squished.  So now we’re this family.

travel trailer
travel trailer

Are we still campers?  I’m not sure.  We have become the people we used to giggle about, quietly whispering to each other as we walked around the campground “Look at them!  They think they’re camping!  They’re not really camping.  Why even bother?”  I do feel like we’ve sold out, but it’s been a gradual process.

So I don’t know if we’re still technically “campers,” but I’ll tell you what I do know:  our family never looks forward to anything more than summer, when the camping season begins and we can pull our little roaming vacation home around the Pacific Northwest, exploring our beautiful corner of the country, creating adventures, and making memories.

A healthy identity as a working mother is not possible without balance.  Finding times to enjoy your family is essential, because it reminds you that they are the reason you work.  If you don’t take the time to stop and enjoy, work just becomes work.  Something that takes you away from your family.  Something that is a hassle.  Something to resent.  Something your kids may start to resent.

So find ways to celebrate your family and keep a positive perspective on work.  Even if you might not like your job, you can still have a good attitude about work in general.  It’s good for you and it’s good for your kids.  Find your balance.

What do you do to reconnect with your family and find your balance?




9 thoughts on “We Call Ourselves Campers…

  1. Yes, you are campers! Eventually you may even graduate to bigger vehicles (we left the trailer stage two years ago to graduate to a motor home – a gently but well-aged version – and have never regretted it. The kicker for us was having to decide whether to buy a new Tahoe big enough to tow the trailer we had, or buy the used motor home for a little less. With three dogs and one 12 year old, we really didn’t have room to down size!


  2. LOVE the teardrop caravan!!! And can totally see the need to upgrade… we call ourselves campers and are considering the caravan route too! x

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