Final Project

Remember how I told you I was taking a photography class?  Well, we had our final session.  It culminated with a final project and artist’s statement and even though it didn’t turn out the way I planned, I ended up realizing it was an authentic reflection of how I conduct my life, and even a statement about how I view working motherhood.  So I thought I’d share it here.

I had a pretty grand plan of what I wanted to do.  But time slipped away, children didn’t cooperate, and I was left with the decision to either seriously stress myself out to pull it off in time, or give myself grace and let it go.  The perfectionist in me wanted…well…perfection.  But the practical person in me remembered that this was a non-graded community ed class.  So here we go.

{Artist’s Statement}

I live my life in a constant state of reflection.  I choose to live intentionally, and when I come to a decision-making crossroads I always contemplate my choices within the context of “which path with I regret taking,” or sometimes, “which path will I regret NOT taking?”  As the years go by and I look back on the history I’ve created for myself my goal is to have as little regret as possible.  I want to know that I lived my life with intention, with purpose, and, of course, making meaningful memories.

This philosophy was my concept for this series.  My family is my priority, and capturing them in various states of literal reflection is a visual interpretation of my ongoing internal reflection and dialogue.  I want to give them my best, live with intention, and write our story to be one we’re proud to look back on.  Without regrets.


This is the first thing I’ve done since becoming a mother that has been truly mine.  I will not regret this.


Seasons come and seasons go, and I will embrace the seasons in our marriage and will not live in the difficult ones with regret.  (*Just a brief note, this is not a difficult season.  This is actually a pretty fantastic season.  But it’s a thought I need to carry through when challenges come.)


Part of doing working motherhood “well” is making sure it is a blessing to my family, especially my children.  Making sure they are in quality care, in a place where they are happy and their lives are enhanced, is a huge part of that.  I love my son’s preschool program.  I will not regret this.  (*This photo is cropped for the blog.  In the original, there is a little girl who tells the rest of the story for me.  She is looking at Conlan, her face so excited you an almost hear her saying, “Let’s go play!” and it reminds me what a happy, joyful place he is in.  I just didn’t include her here because I respect that other mothers may or may not appreciate their children being placed out on the internet.)


This girl slows down for very few things.  Sitting in my lap to read books is one of them.  I will not regret this.


We love camping season.  It is a huge part of who we are as a family, and though it is not always relaxing, restful, and (quite honestly) it’s a lot of work, we go anyway.  Because we know we will not regret it.


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