Childcare Is Expensive {In Case You Didn’t Know}


Well, looky here.  It’s quite fitting that after yesterday’s post sounding the alarm on the cost of sending my son to public school, would publish this on the high cost of childcare in the U.S.

I live in Washington.  {Not the D.C. one.  The other one.}

I looked at the tables in the report.  Here were my top takeaways:

  • We are in the Top 10 (yippee!!!)…
  • For infant & 4-year-old childcare inaffordability (boo!!!).
  • The average annual cost of sending 2 kids to daycare = $21,348.
  • The average annual mortgage costs are $21,540.
  • Childcare is expensive.
  • I knew that.
  • I don’t understand the statistic of the 42% who don’t budget for childcare.
  • Do their childcare providers accept payment via air and baby kisses?
  • Mine do not.

Anywho, just as it was yesterday, this is not a complaining post.  This is more of a validation post.  Yes, childcare is expensive but the business of caring for little ones is no joke.  I certainly don’t expect someone to do it for free or very little.  You get what you pay for, and my kids are happy and loved.  We chose to have them, we are blessed by them, and we will do what we need to do to care for them.

But there you have it, in case you didn’t know.

Childcare is expensive.


One thought on “Childcare Is Expensive {In Case You Didn’t Know}

  1. Interesting. Full time daycare up here ranges from about 800-1500 a month (Ottawa – Canada’s capital city) – so we aren’t too out of whack with the US.
    I’d agree that I expect to pay for good daycare. That’s a job that deserves to be fairly compensated (and many times is not). It’s also a very important job. I have no delusions about the major role my provider has in raising my kids.
    I too am blown away by those who don’t budget for the reality of the costs. I knew these would be pricy years.
    That isn’t to say we – and many others – couldn’t use help with the costs – I’d say they definitely factor into our decisions to stop at two kids! Interesting read – thanks!

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