Sometimes, Convenience Wins

It’s no secret around here that I’m a proponent of good stewardship, frugal living, and {relatively} healthy eating.  A natural by-product of that was a commitment to making my own baby food, which was super cheap and pretty easy.

But the baby-food stage is shorter than most people realize, and by 10 months Brynna was mostly off purees and eating table food for all her meals.

So why, at 18 months, does the food I send with her to daycare look like this?


Let’s start with the positive, shall we?

Banana = real, whole food.  A+

Milk in a sippy = we quit all bottles on her first birthday, so that’s good.  She’s pretty attached to milk and we could do a better job with more water.  A-

Food pouch = The moment has been forever etched in my brain.  Brynna was fussy, we had some pouches left over from a trip, and I twisted off the top and handed it to her to see what would happen.  AND SHE FED HERSELF WITH NO EFFORT ON MY PART AND NO MESS ON HERS.  Aaaannnnddddd….food pouches became a regular staple in our pantry somewhere around 11 months old.  And they haven’t left yet.  C-

Gerber 3rd foods = absolutely no excuse.  Just pure laziness on my part.  D-

I’m hoping to at least phase out the baby food jar.  Seriously?  My daughter eats the exact same dinner as the rest of our family and can feed herself using utensils, yet I insist on making my daycare provider spoon-feed her an infant puree for lunch every day.  Ridiculous.

But it is easy.  I don’t have to plan for extra leftovers to pack with her, I don’t have to cut chicken into teeny pieces every night, and I don’t have to wash storage containers.

It doesn’t save us money and it isn’t even a little bit necessary.

But sometimes, convenience wins.

There’s no need to beat yourself up about it.

What’s your convenience confession?


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