pencil-152713_640Working mamas, we’ve all had that moment.

You know the one.  When the doubt creeps in, you feel that slow squeeze around your heart, and the voice in your head whispers “Am I doing the right thing?  Am I harming my kids in some way?  Would they be better off if I didn’t work?

And then we get those moments that assure us, “They are happy, they are loved, they are safe, they are fine.”

My moment of assurance came the week before school let out.  The children were busy playing as I entered the classroom to pick Conlan up at the end of the day.  His pre-K teacher and I exchanged pleasantries and she told me how she was in the midst of conducting end-of-the-year assessments for all the kids.

She began to talk about Conlan’s results when all of a sudden she stopped talking.

I looked over at her.  She was gazing thoughtfully across the room to where my son was playing.  After a few moments, she said, out of nowhere, “He is so loved.

She went on to talk about how secure he was in the love of his parents and how confident he was in himself.  “His Daddy spends time with him,” she said.  “You do things together as a family,” she said.  “He knows how much his parents are there for him” she said.  “You’re never too busy for him, and it shows.  It is so apparent that you’re doing something incredibly right with him.”

And for this working mama (any mama, really), that was the best end-of-the-year assessment I could have possibly been given.

There are no guarantees.  But we can look for evidence that we’re doing it well, and be thankful for those moments.

And I’m not gonna lie, it’s awfully nice when someone else notices it, too.


4 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. So sweet – thank you for sharing! I’m in the process of looking for a new career move within my company which could possibly mean longer hours than I’m working now and more stressful work on my plate than what I’m handling now. At first it was all sunshine and rainbows, the excitement of moving my way up and having this new department to work for, the feeling of accomplishment and the exciting feeling of more money coming into the house so we no longer feel like we’re living paycheck to paycheck – then it hit me; Am I doing the right thing? I’m very comfortable and happy in my current position. Could this end up being a wrong career move? Flexibility with our schedules has always been number 1 with my husband and I so we don’t feel like our son is never home spending time with us as a family. I tell myself to leave it in God’s hands, but I can’t help but feel guilty if I end up being chosen for the position and it ends up taking more time away from being with my family.

  2. Validation is the best. Being a mom is so full of doubt and worry – it’s so nice to hear the positives. I don’t even know you but I can tell you are doing it right 🙂

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