Summer Priorities


Sometimes, when life happens, blogging does not.  For the past two weeks we’ve had swim lessons every day after work, it’s been 88 degrees in our living room, and I’ve found myself putting aside the computer in favor of a little evening R & R with the fam.

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Because family wins, every time.

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I’ve really been enjoying taking my own advice.  Turns out, it’s good stuff.

How have you been enjoying summer?  What have you let slide?



6 thoughts on “Summer Priorities

  1. Unfortunately, it’s been housework. I am usually a clean freak, but it hasn’t been possible to keep up with it this summer. It makes me feel uncomfortable for my house to be messy, but it’s not as high a priority as my kids or my job. (I’d love to let the job go, but then I wouldn’t have a home!)

  2. We have a huge black lab as one of our dogs, too! (Well, really, he’s either a Lab/Great Dane cross or a German Shorthaired Pointer, we don’t know which.) Aren’t labs great dogs?

    1. Yes! Ours is a rescue so we’re not sure of what the rest of her is, either. She’s smaller, more wirey, and more anxious than the typical black lab but she’s so great with the kids. And she’s also 11-ish, which means sometimes she’s just too old and tired to care about whatever they’re doing to her.

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