Guest Post: Start Your Journey to Ignite Mommy Energy

It’s a fun place, the blogosphere.  It has its share of crazies and there are certainly plenty of places to incite your rage or drive you bananas, but it’s also a place to find support and meet wonderful people that you likely never would have in real life.  One inspiring person that I’ve met is Liz McGrory, who I am honored to host today as she’s on her Virtual Book Tour for her recently released title, Igniting Mommy Energy!  She’s sharing her wisdom on how we can get started tapping into our Mommy Energy and make sure we’re experiencing joy on our working motherhood journey.  Welcome, Liz!

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I went on a long journey to become a Confident-Joyful Working Mom.  I have many stories about how I rolled through emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Fear, and Guilt.   In the end, I landed in a state of Joy.  Then my Mommy Energy ignited!  Anything was possible!  Like writing a book.  So I did!

Wait, let me explain what Mommy Energy is.

“When you become a mother, you are blessed with a Mother’s Intuition as well as Mommy Energy.  Mommy Energy (M.E.) is what a Mom uses to take care of all of her responsibilities.  When she just doesn’t have an ounce of energy left, she digs deep down into her Mommy Energy and does what needs to get done.  An example of Mommy Energy in action is when a mother can care for a crying child at 2am and still have a productive day at work the following day.”

What I want for you is to feel motivated to commence YOUR journey.  Check these tips out to help you get started:

#1 Check in with your emotions daily.

How do you perform a self-evaluation of your emotional state?  Ask yourself, “Hey YOU!  How are you?  What emotions have been bubbling up for you?  What emotions did you experience today?”  The easy part is asking the question.  The challenge is to answer it.  Writing helps process your thoughts so it’s very important that you write down your answer!  Initially the answer could be as simple as “I am happy” or “I am frustrated and want to go jump off a cliff.”  Just write something.  Once you get into the habit of checking in with your emotions and journaling about them daily, you’ll ready for the next step.

#2 Look at how much of your Mommy Energy is spent on these emotions.

Let’s say you had a great day at work, how does this affect your level of Mommy Energy?  Are you tired because so many good things happened?  Or does it boost your Mommy Energy so when you get home you want to do something special with your family?  The key take away here is to become aware of how your emotional state affects your level of Mommy Energy.  Writing can be your best friend, so write down your observations.

#3  Find a way to consistently and realistically feel Joy.

This isn’t a situation where you fake it until you make it.  Magic happens when you take the time to dig deep down and acknowledge what you are feeling.  This will take work.  You do have time to do this.  Commit to creating this habit and see where it takes you.  See what you discover.  Maybe something really beautiful emerges.  Or you find something you have a problem with that you were unaware of.  You don’t know until you give YOU some attention.


The place to start your journey is to check out my book, “Igniting Mommy Energy”.  It is filled with tips that worked for me to overcome any emotion.  I also share what to do to keep you in a state of Joy.  I hope I’ve brought about a new awareness that it is importance to examine your emotional state and not sweep it under the rug.  You deserve to be taken care of.  It all starts with you.

Liz is a Working Mom herself. She’s the owner of Coach LizzyMc ~ Working Mom Coach and a Mother of three children under the age of 6. She is a Certified Professional Coach who coaches Working Moms to overcome their Motherhood Transition Challenges (MTC). She was voted Rookie Coach of the Year in 2013 by the International Coach Federation New England Chapter.  Liz is also a professional blogger and speaker. She writes and speaks about MTCs such as returning from maternity leave, igniting your Mommy Energy, and career advancement. Liz’s love for writing, creativity, and helping others fueled her passion to be an author. Liz first book, “Igniting Mommy Energy”, was released on the first day of summer 2014. It’s available exclusively on Lizzy is on a Virtual Book Tour for the Summer of 2014! Click here for more details.



2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Start Your Journey to Ignite Mommy Energy

  1. Thank you, Kristina, for joining my Virtual Book Tour as well as for the touching introduction!! So excited to be hanging out in your blog today. You have such great content I’m glad to be here supporting your mission!

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