Giveaway: Absolute Green Natural Bug Repellent

Review opportunities pop up in my in-box with regularity.  The vast majority just get deleted because I’m not going to review something just for the sake of reviewing it.

However, y’all know how I feel about camping.  This is something we do.  Often.

And with camping comes bugs.  {This is the part of camping that I like the least.}

So when I was given the opportunity to review a natural, deet-free mosquito repellent from Absolute Green, I jumped on it.


I’ll admit that here in the Pacific Northwest we’re pretty lucky.  Bugs aren’t nearly as terrible as they are in some parts of the country.  In fact, in our house we keep the back door wide open all summer – no screen needed.  But that doesn’t mean that when we go camping in the woods or near lakes that we don’t run into those annoying little buggers.

I was excited to try out the bug repellent when we went up to Manning Park in British Columbia.  However, for the first time in my life I was a little disappointed that the mosquitoes weren’t out in force.  There were a few here and there, so I sprayed my kids with the bug repellent, and the few mosquitoes around stayed away.


Then the next day, we gave it a better run for its money when we took a walk around a shallow, stagnant part of a lake.  It still did the trick.


However, I still wanted to give it a really good test.  I got “lucky” when we went camping with a big group of friends to Seaquest State Park near Mt. St. Helens.


We arrived around dusk and the bugs started bothering us right away.  Tucked back in the forest, our site was perfect for attracting mosquitoes.


I used the Absolute Green bug repellent and it kept those bugs away.

The next day I noticed they were biting me through my clothes.  I used the spray and they stopped bothering me.  Worked like a champ.

My only complaint?  I ran out.

I never feel great about using traditional bug spray, but I do know one thing.  It will keep the bugs away.  I’m always drawn to other, more natural options but I wonder – is it worth it?  Am I just throwing my money away?  Or will it actually work?  

Absolute Green did.

And not only did it work but I felt good about putting it on my kids.  It’s made with essential oils so it didn’t smell chemical-y.  My kids didn’t fight me when I asked them to put it on, and it didn’t feel gross on my skin.

I was pretty impressed.  Who needs deet, anyway?  I always feel like I have to choose between bugs or chemicals, which is kind of a crummy choice.  I guess there are effective options that can rid you of both bugs and chemicals!  Hooray!

However, you don’t have to take my word for it.  Because I scored 3 2-oz. bottles of the natural bug repellent for you, too!  

If you want to give it a try, you can enter this giveaway by checking out the Absolute Green site and leaving a comment at the bottom of this post about which product you think would be most useful for your family.  I’ll choose three random commenters to receive a 2-oz. bottle of natural bug repellent so you can try it for yourself!  U.S. addresses only, please.  The giveaway closes at 5:00 pm Pacific Time on Friday, August 29.

But before you try to win yourself some free stuff, please humor me by enjoying these camping pics of my kids.  My son has a pretty severe s’more addiction, and my daughter learned how to squirt us all with the squirt bottle.  And she thought it was pretty hilarious, too.

And now that you’ve humored me for a moment, please get on about the business of entering the giveaway!

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Disclaimer:  While I was given a sample of this product to try with my family, I was not compensated in any other way for my review.  All opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “Giveaway: Absolute Green Natural Bug Repellent

  1. Very cool! The bug repellant would definitely get used in my family because of 2 words: South Georgia. Can we say bugs galore?? I currently have 14 (I literally just counted them) mosquito bites on my legs because I don’t want to always be putting on traditional bug spray (too stinky, sticky, and generally yucky). I’d love to try out Absolute Green’s product. Also, love the kid pics as always. 😉

  2. We would give the bug spray a try. Sometimes I feel like a bad mom for NOT putting sunscreen or bug spray on my kids when all the other moms are….I just hate the chemicals and being sticky. Maybe something natural would make me more willing to use it, haha.

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