Thankful Thursday – Thankful For the Story Being Written


Today I’m linking up with my friend Angela Strand who is hosting a “Thankful List” link-up on Thursdays.  This time of year is full of thankfulness, is it not?  And it’s almost always possible to come up with something to be thankful for, but how often do we dig deep and find thankfulness in the things that might not seem like they deserve gratitude?

Today I’m thankful that very soon I’ll be reducing my work schedule to part-time.  I’m looking forward to more time with my crazy monkeys, a little breathing room, and maybe even some time to work on dreams deferred by motherhood.

But the story is so much richer than just cutting back a couple of days per week.  Though it doesn’t seem like a huge change, it’s been a long journey.  It started with giving up a job I was great at in order to quit the commute that was killing me.  It continued with sacrificing financially to become (and remain) debt-free so we could have more choices in life.  It meant waiting for a painfully long time (4 years) until my husband finally got a job that was a perfect fit.  It meant using hard seasons in our marriage to strengthen our relationship rather than throwing in the towel.  It involved finally admitting I had reached my tipping point – and I hate admitting that.

It involved deciding I really, really wanted to jump off the career track and making that known at work.

It meant taking a risk that I might end up with no job rather than just a part-time one.

It meant digging in and staying here and buying my house back from myself.

All of these things were painful.  None of them were easy.  And absolutely none of them were endured with the eventual goal of working less.  They were just hard, hard parts of this life journey our family was walking through together.

But now, the bigger story is finally coming into view.  And I am so thankful, I can’t even tell you.  There’s so much more to this story that will be told another day, but for now my theme is thankfulness.

So today I’m thankful for…

…a goal fulfilled that wasn’t really even a goal.

…that I work at a place that gracefully and supportively and enthusiastically accommodated my request that came out of left field.

…more time with my family.

…room to breathe.

…the pain and the struggles and hard times that made this story possible in the first place.

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Thankful For the Story Being Written

  1. There is nothing like being able to take a step away and make more room for being full present at home with those who love and need us there. Sometimes it takes a LOT of hard work to be in a place financially able to do it. But the rewards are so worth it!

    1. Yes! It’s not for everyone, but this has been something I’ve wanted for awhile and I’m so glad that it’s working out. I’ve always said that 3 days a week would be the perfect schedule for me and I confirmed it when I took my last maternity leave. I’m happy that it’s turning into reality!

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