Monday Mom Confession


We all have those things that we do that we’re not particularly proud of.  I’m not talking about “I know this issue is highly charged but I believe the choice I make is in my child’s best interest.”  I’m talking about “I totally know I shouldn’t do this but it makes my life easier so I’m gonna do it anyway.

I’ve confessed one of those things to you before.  Today I confess the second.

We weaned our daughter from her binky long ago.

But she loved it so much I couldn’t ever throw them all away.  I was all “What if I need them someday?

Well of course, since I planned for that to happen in my head, it happened.

We still give our nearly two-year-old daughter, who’s been weaned from the binky for well over a year, her binky.  It’s not very often.  Maybe once a month at most.  But there are some days where a nap just isn’t happening and mama needs a naptime.  Or we’re in public and Brynna’s tired or upset or just overly vocal.  Or like this past weekend, when she woke crabby from her long nap and screamed in my ear for 20 minutes and nothing would calm her and the Seahawks were on, for crying out loud.

And so I still haven’t thrown them away.  I have one in my purse and one hidden in her room for those moments when I need it.  And indeed it’s I who need it.  Not her.

That’s my Monday Mom Confession.  What’s yours?


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3 thoughts on “Monday Mom Confession

  1. What mom doesn’t have a few of these kind of days! My oldest is 9 and by this point I could start a daily post kind of blog about all the things I’ve done that make my life easier. Like the time I told my kids that Chuck E Cheese had the flu so we couldn’t go. Or the time that I told them my car wouldn’t start because I didn’t feel like putting on clothes to go somewhere. Most recently (like yesterday) we ate ice cream sundaes for dinner because mommy forgot to thaw out chicken for dinner and didn’t feel like going to the store. They didn’t die and I didn’t have to cook. Everyone wins.

  2. My 19-month-old still takes a bottle to go to bed. That’s mine. There are some really good reasons for it … like how he doesn’t eat. At all. So I think it’s the only nutrition I see him get…. but he still takes a bottle.

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