Monday Mom Confession {Guest Post}

Monday Mom ConfessionEvery week I do a Monday Mom Confession because while we all want the very best for our children, it’s impossible to do everything right all the time.  Admitting our imperfections is freeing – and it’s also encouraging to other moms in the midst of intense seasons.  I’m so happy to be swapping confession posts with Julie over at Everyday Happiness today.  Won’t you join us?  Make your own confession in the comments!  Let’s throw off the weight of perfection and get real around here!

At 7 months in, it’s about time I confess. My son Shepard has been a great baby, good sleeper and eats like a champ. He does so many cute and funny things every day, smiling and flirting with any lady he sees, grabbing our dog Cooper’s fur and giggling and crawling all over the place. More food ends up on his face than in his tummy during meal times, and his legs have more rolls than a Shar Pei. To put it lightly, there is an abundance of picture and note-worthy moments with this guy.

Between my iPhone and our new “nice” camera, I’ve snapped over 3000 pictures. Point is, I’ve gone so far as to edit them, organize them on my computer, and even upload them to Shutterfly. I’ve printed about half of them. And they are sitting, disorganized, in our media stand drawer.  Dozens of orange Shutterfly envelopes litter that drawer.

Oh, and his baby book is only filled out to four months.

My mom had every blank in my baby book filled out. I was the first born to parents who tried for years to have me (I’ve heard this story many times). Lucky them, three other girls followed exactly one year after the one before them (so yes, four girls under four years old at one point). They all had baby books too, but each one following had less and less filled out in their book.

I may not have perfectly filled out baby books or picture albums, and I may not make my baby’s food, or even buy him organic diapers, but my love for him is abounding. Some times I look at him and can’t stop staring because I feel this overwhelming love. It’s not about doing it all. It’s about loving our babies as much as possible.

I may not have perfectly organized photos, or a filled out baby book, but my mind and my heart is full of picture-perfect memories.

And I’ll keep taking those photos, in the hopes that one day, they get organized.


About Julie:  Originally an Ohioan, Julie now lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband Clint and son Shepard. She works full-time in marketing and communications and enjoys the Florida sunshine as much as she can. Running and traveling are hobbies that are a lot more fun now with a little one! She blogs at about her family’s adventures as well as the balance of being a new working mom and wife.


Do you have a confession to make or have you blogged about your own imperfections?  Throw off the weight of perfection and join us – confess in the comments!  And don’t forget to head over to Everyday Happiness and see what I ‘fessed up to this week…please tell me I’m not the only one!

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mom Confession {Guest Post}

  1. It was great partnering with you on this Kristina. And I totally relate to your post about keeping up with a nighttime routine, it’s so tough in the evenings! I hope we get the opportunity to partner together again soon!

  2. IMPERFECTION IS MY MIDDLE NAME… And I’m one of SIX, all of whom have baby books. I swore I’d document every milestone in my memory, but lets be honest. There’s a reason for books. I can’t remember what I ate yesterday, let alone the date my son took his first steps. So, my empty book will stay empty, until I take the time to go through Instagram and figure out “how many weeks ago” everything happened. That’s my confession. Instagram IS the new baby book. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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