Change: It Won’t Always Feel So New


Inevitably, things change – schedules, jobs, roles, responsibilities.  And then there’s this transition period which is typically characterized by either an invigorating, fresh feeling of newness or an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and impossibility.

And sometimes, it’s a weird combination of the two.

But here’s the thing to remember – whether you’re riding the highs or lows of new-ness, it won’t always feel so new.  The exciting will become mundane.  The unfamiliar will become second nature.

Last September when Conlan started kindergarten I changed my schedule.  Instead of starting work at 8:00 like I’d always done, I pushed back my start time to 9:00 so I could put Conlan on the bus and avoid before-school childcare.  Those first couple of weeks felt like a vacation.  I got to sleep in.  I had time to unload the dishwasher and sweep the kitchen before work.  I cooked {like, on the stove!} breakfast every morning.  Life was good, the house was orderly, and I was rested.

But before long, that fresh new schedule became normal.  I started having a tough time waking up at my new, later alarm time because I had begun staying up later at night.  I barely got myself and my kids together before heading out the door – and the chores quickly fell by the wayside.  Hot breakfasts gave way to a rushed meal of dry cheerios shoveled into the kids’ mouths on the walk to the bus stop.

Our new schedule became the new normal without me even realizing it.  It stopped feeling like a vacation and became real life.

So if you’re in the midst of a transition, keep that in mind.  It won’t always feel so new.  Soon, it will just be normal.  If you’re having trouble adjusting to change, use that little nugget to encourage you – you can make it!  And if your change is more of the “vacation” type, keep this period in perspective and see if you can find ways to extend and relish it as long as possible.

Are you in the midst of change?  Is it tough change or easy change?  Tell us how you get through it!

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