Time Isn’t Your Problem


Last week I talked about how, in order to find balance, you need to step back and identify what’s really preventing you from achieving it.

And I knew what you all were going to say before you even said it.

I don’t have enough time!”

Mamas, I feel you.  But I’m also going to challenge you.  Time isn’t your problem.

Here’s why.

Time isn’t a problem because there’s nothing you can solve.  No matter how hard you try, you can’t make more of it.

The real issue is that you haven’t identified the root of your busy-ness, which you can address – things like people-pleasing, over-commitment, unclear priorities, pursuit of perfection, lack of planning/preparation, or having unrealistic expectations of yourself. Those are problems for which you can develop a solution. “More time” is not a solution.

Do you really think that if you magically had more time that your expectations wouldn’t increase and you wouldn’t cram it even more full, anyway?  Think about that fabulous one-hour gift we get every fall when Daylight Saving Time ends.  What do you do with it?  If you’re anything like me, you either fill it (oooh…I can stay up an extra hour and do x, y, and z!) or waste it (well, since can sleep in tomorrow I can stay up an hour later and watch TV).  I never wake up more rested the next day because I never use that hour for what I really need – sleep.

Once you identify the true source of your issue, you might be able to pare down your schedule and find extra moments which you can use more efficiently.  So, in a way, you can find more time – but time is actually a secondary issue.

First, you need to push past the “easy” answer, dig in, and identify the real source of your struggle.

Mamas, time isn’t really our problem, so let’s stop blaming the clock.  We need to look at ourselves.

What are your thoughts?  Is time really your issue, or can you pinpoint something else?  Come back next Wednesday for more tips to identify the true source of your struggle!

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6 thoughts on “Time Isn’t Your Problem

  1. Well said Christina. You hit all the points: people-pleasing, over-commitment, unclear priorities, pursuit of perfection, lack of planning/preparation, or having unrealistic expectations of yourself.

  2. You are right, it never is a time problem, The clock never should be blamed. The time we are in is always the now, isn’t it. I totally enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Interesting point. Why try to cure a problem we can’t solve? I think one of my problems is energy. Sometimes the time I have with the kids isn’t as quality as I’d like because I’m so exhausted with work or other life duties…. I find myself easily irritable or just not the fun mom I want to be. Thoughts??

    1. I hear you! I can totally relate to feeling completely deflated after a long day. When you say you’re exhausted because of work/life duties, can you drill down any further? Is there something specific about your work or the chores that exhaust you, or is it really simply the physicality of being “on” for hours and hours and hours? See if you can reflect and identify something more specific! I’d love to hear your ideas!

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