Are Weekends Different?

I have a stupid question today.  For those of you who are home during the week, how are weekends different?

I know there are some obvious answers:  the husband is home, school-aged kids are home, there aren’t as many scheduling demands, etc…

But now that I’m home more days than I’m at work, I’m struggling to figure out how to manage weekends.  I keep pretty productive on the weekdays, but I’m not sure how to handle Saturday and Sunday.  Do you keep a set schedule for your family?  Ours are largely unscheduled and so it feels kind of chaotic, haphazard, and like the time is a little wasted.  I want weekends to feel unhurried and restful, but I’m wondering if I need some semblance of a schedule in order to make that happen.

Has anyone else had this experience?  Weekends have always looked vastly different from the weekdays but now with more days at home and kids who still haven’t learned that weekends mean sleeping in, I think I need a new strategy.

Advice, anyone?

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5 thoughts on “Are Weekends Different?

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s a good problem to have!! Our weekends are so structured between trips to Target and Trader Joe’s, along with whomever’s bday parties we have to attend and Sunday mornings with daddy, and having time to actually cook, that Monday is almost like a break! Ha. Museums. Do more museums.

  2. With my schedule changing and me being home more often this is I’ve of my big questions. Weekends are my clean at breakneck speed days…What will they be when I’m home to clean during the week?

    1. Had some great conversation with some girlfriends last night about this! They recommend setting a couple of goals for the weekend (not cramming it full, but like “mow the lawn,” “go out to breakfast,” “relax” – things that are achievable) and if you have a spouse, communicating with your spouse about their priorities too and then setting a couple of weekend goals together. Then the empty space can be filled with other, smaller stuff but your priorities are preserved so by the time the weekend ends, you’ve felt like there was something different/special about it and it didn’t just feel like another weekday. I thought it was great advice and hope to start implementing that!

  3. I’ve been back to work full-time since September, and I am still trying to figure out how to make the best use of my weekend time. I hate it when the weekend flies by and I don’t truly feel like it was a break from my hectic week. Recently, I’ve been trying to do small cleaning tasks for 15 minutes each evening during the week so that I’m not having to work so hard to get caught up on the weekend. I love the suggestion that your girlfriend made about setting a couple of achievable goals. There are some weekends that seem to be consumed by errands, birthday parties and prepping for the week ahead. If we don’t purposely make time for the fun things like the park visits, game nights, zoo visits, etc. it can become an endless cycle of work. Time passes to quickly with the little ones as it is. I really want to focus on having a family activity planned each weekend.

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