Monday Mom Confession

Monday Mom ConfessionEvery week I do a Monday Mom Confession because while we all want the very best for our children, it’s impossible to do everything right all the time.  Admitting that is freeing – and it’s also encouraging to other moms in the midst of intense seasons.  I’d love for you to join me – share a link to your own confession post in the comments, or just make your confession here!  Let’s throw off the weight of perfection and get real around here!

You may or may not know that I cut back my work hours a few months ago.  Instead of working full-time, I now work 3 days per week.

It’s been fantastic.  But you know what else?

I didn’t do it for my kids.

I did it for me.

While we were weighing whether or not to reduce my work schedule, I continually had a nagging feeling that I just couldn’t identify.  But when I finally put my finger on it, I was shocked to realize that I felt selfish.

My kids were fine.  My family was happy.  Dinner was on the table every night.  The laundry was done.

But I was tired.  I felt stretched.  And I had passion projects inside of me that had no chance of getting any attention.

And so we made the change, and it’s been wonderful, and I got breathing room.

And my kids are still fine, my family is still happy, dinner is still on the table every night, and the laundry is still done.

Because the biggest change was really for me.

Do you have a confession to make or have you blogged about your own imperfections?  Throw off the weight of perfection and join me – confess in the comments!

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