Monday Mom Confession

Monday Mom ConfessionEvery week I do a Monday Mom Confession because while we all want the very best for our children, it’s impossible to do everything right all the time.  Admitting that is freeing – and it’s also encouraging to other moms in the midst of intense seasons.  I’d love for you to join me – share a link to your own confession post in the comments, or just make your confession here!  Let’s throw off the weight of perfection and get real around here!

Last week was “screen-free week” through Conlan’s school.  The class that has the most participants wins a pizza party.

Mamas, here’s the truth.  Screen-free week nearly killed me.

I don’t feel like we rely too heavily on TV, but we’re definitely not a TV-free house.  And I don’t know why, but this exercise exhausted me.  We’ve done TV-free August in our house and it hasn’t been nearly as draining.  But this particular 6-day “screen-free week?”

Pure torture.

Conlan was late to school for the first time ever this week.  Our mornings were just off.  The evenings seemed to go OK, and we did get a lot of stuff done, played board games, and got ahead on homework.  But as soon as the kids were in bed you better believe I had that remote in my hand.

{Please note this was not cheating.  The screen-free affidavit I signed and sent to school only specified Conlan’s participation.  So there.}

Maybe it’s just the way I zone out after a long day.  The way I wind down.  And I’ll be honest, the weekday wasn’t terrible.

But whoever came up with this nonsense included Saturday.  That meant instead of relaxing with a cup of coffee while my kids watched Curious George, I was up and about and running after them and…you get the picture.

So we packed ourselves up and went to McDonald’s Playland to get out of the house and give me a break already.

Now, this isn’t a statement against TV-free homes.  And it’s definitely not a statement for TV usage either.  It just is what it is, and it was surprisingly exhausting.  Rusty said things were extra chaotic.  I thought they were quite calm, myself…but just constant.  No little mental breaks for mama.

So that’s my confession.  Screen-free doesn’t work for me.  And if it does in your house, I seriously applaud you.

But please tell me…what in the world do you do on Saturday mornings?!?

Do you have a confession to make or have you blogged about your own imperfections?  Throw off the weight of perfection and join me – confess in the comments!

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One thought on “Monday Mom Confession

  1. Hi Kristina,
    I’m a Mom and a new blogger. I can completely relate to what you are saying. We also don’t rely heavily on t.v. but I doubt we would survive without it. When they’re grounded it’s bad enough. You sound like a very brave Mom to me, ha ha.

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