Motherhood Is…


The minute you discover another woman is also a mom, something shifts.  An indescribable, unspoken connection is formed and you know that you are both part of the same sisterhood.

Motherhood is unifying.

But motherhood is also unique.  And even though we all might belong to the same sisterhood, the way we each walk through it, the way we experience it, and the feelings it invokes can be incredibly different.

Motherhood is personal.

We all make different choices, live different lives, parent different children, shepherd different families, and walk different journeys.

Motherhood is controversial.

But one thing is for certain – we all love those children to the moon and back, whether they reside in our homes, across the country, within our wombs, or in their heavenly Father’s arms.  Regardless of age, distance, or circumstance, our children hold a piece of our hearts that will never be the same again.

Motherhood is love.

So here’s your chance to share your thoughts about what motherhood is to you.  I’d love to hear what your unique experience has been like – pop on over to AllMomDoes and complete the sentence:  Motherhood is _____________.

Motherhood is