How to Professionally Paint Kitchen Cabinet

This is How the Experts Do It

You don’t need to be a pro or have PhDs to paint your kitchen cabinet and make it appear as an act of mastery.

Did you know that professionals charge approximately $5 to $10 per square foot of the kitchen cabinets surface? This means that you’ll need to dig deep into your pocket for $800 to $3,500 to have your kitchen cabinets painted by a professional Kildare Carpenter .

However, you don’t have to dig that deep while on the other hand you can use the DIY method and achieve a million-dollar kitchen.

In this blog, you are going to discover amazing knacks that you can employ to paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro.

1.  They Know the Best Method that Gives the Best Results

The final look will depend on the method you use to paint the cabinet.

The Paint Brush Method

The use of a paintbrush method means that the painter only uses the paintbrush majorly as his only tool. The danger of using this type of method is that the whole process will put up your time and also it will result in poor quality.

If you want smooth, creamy and uniform kitchen cabinets, then the paintbrush method is not the right route for you. learn more about choosing lovely colors for your home by clicking here

How to Professionally Paint Kitchen Cabinet

The Paint Spray Method

Unlike using the paintbrush method, professionals use the paint spray method to achieve smooth and consistent Kitchen cabinets and built in alcove units

Paint spray is loved because it is the fastest method experts use to paint kitchen cabinets and it doesn’t leave the surface inconsistent with brush strokes showing. The end product is even much better if you use good quality paint.

The only shortcomings that come with this type of method are that it requires good painting skills. You’ll need to prepare very well. Masking off surfaces and setting up a spraying booth for the doors and the chest of drawers should be delicately done.

The Rollers and Brush Method.

Professional painters use brushes to paint those notorious corners and rollers to give the cabinets that creamy touch. When compared to other methods, the roller and brush method gives a standard finish on kitchen cabinets.

2.  Pros Acknowledge the Importance of Following the Steps

Step 1: Get Rid of the Doors and Drawers

These two items can be painted elsewhere. You can use a screwdriver to separate the doors from the hinges. In market there are lot of handy painter tools that are different from art tools.

Step 2: Cleaning

No one wants to see paint peeling off a surface especially just after you’ve painted it. To avoid such mistakes you should see to it that this step is not skipped. Cleaning the cabinets helps to get rid of the grease and dirt that causes the paint to peel off.

Step 3: It’s Sandy Time

After cleaning the cabinets, using sandpaper with a grit between 100 to 200 sand off the surface of the cabinet entirely.

This step requires patience, sanding takes up your time but you can speed things up using orbital sandpaper. Always be keen to overdo or under-do it for the surface should be rough enough to adhere with the paint.

Step 4: Second Cleaning

Here the idea is to get rid of the dust produced during the sanding process.

Step 5: Masking Off

You don’t want to paint landing on other surfaces, right? Tape off the areas where you don’t want the paint to spill on using masking tape.


Clever Shortcuts For Home Maintenance

Do you know that there are several clever shortcuts for home maintenance? These home improvement techniques can help you to maintain your property with ease. Keep reading to discover some amazing clever shortcuts for home maintenance available.

Do Not Allow Random Papers Accumulate:

On a daily basis, you can endeavor to get rid of a few things. Your concentration should be on paper. There is every possibility for papers to take over your entire life if given a chance.

Clean Deeper Once A Week And A Little Every Day:

When you clean every time, it will help to put your home in the best shape. People who endeavor to clean up on a daily basis will always have a blissful environment. Ensure to select a special day when you can perform more on your general cleaning. Click here to read more about home maintenance best practices.

Before Scrub Loosen Microwave:

A microwave can work like a hot furnace. The bowl of a microwave-safe should be filled halfway with lemon juice and water. Allow the microwave to function for about five to ten minutes. When the bowl is cool after running, go ahead to remove it. The steam from the microwave will help to get rid of any caked on grit. Wipe clean with a cloth or sponge.

Less Major Cleaning Later = Everyday Spray Maintenance:

Ensure that there is a permanent spray for your shower on a daily basis. The curtain and walls should be sprayed at the end of every shower. With this idea, you will be able to prevent mold from accumulating on your walls, Water Damage Frederick MD has the professional prevention solution. In your toilet bowl, ensure that you use the same spray bottle. Allow the spray to remain for a long time while you bath, brush your teeth or shave. The toilet should be properly flushed before leaving your home.

With A Pillowcase Quickly Handle Ceiling Fan Dust:

Using a pillowcase can help you clean your ceiling dust quickly. The blade of your ceiling fan can be neat by soaking a cloth in water and perform immediate cleaning.

Be Technical With Your Cleaning Equipment:

One piece of cloth or rag can be used to clean the bathtub, the sink, and the mirror at home. Use a brush to clean inside of the bowl and the toilet from the top down. One piece of rag can help you accomplish these tasks provided you fold it into 4 parts. All you have to do is keep switching the piece of rag from one side to the more cleaning and disinfecting your home at

Spills Should Be Removed Immediately:

It is a good idea to clean as you go. If anything like stain falls on your floor while cooking, ensure to clean immediately. By allowing the stain to remain for a long, you may risk the longevity of your property. Ensure not to allow dishes or plates to pile up in your sink. Ensure to wash the dishes immediately after using them.

Keep Your Trash Bag Clean:

The trash bag should be positioned in the most comfortable environment. When your trash bag is full, ensure to get rid of it and replace with another one.…

Friends, I Think We’re Gonna Make It

Let’s start off with a bit of housekeeping stuff.  I’m seriously considering changing the name of this blog to Family. Work. Kindergarten. because obviously that now consumes all of my emotional energy and I can no longer write about anything else.

But I probably won’t because it seems like a lot of work.  Anyway.

I have some good news on the kindergarten front.  We’re going to survive!  Last Wednesday I got the teeniest little glimpse that things were looking up and every day since then has improved.  But let me back up.

My boy has been happy to get on the bus, and happy to come home.  But as for the stuff in between…let’s just say that it’s been hard to figure out what’s been going on there.  Drawing stuff out of him has been hard.  And the things that have come out have been…less than positive.  I tried to keep an open mind because I knew it was the beginning of the year and that we were still getting in the swing of things.

When he brought home worksheets practicing writing the number “2” twenty times and told me how they practiced counting to ten I reminded myself that kids come in at all different levels and that the teacher is still reviewing concepts and assessing the varied skills of the students.  When he told me school was boring I promised him it would get harder.  When he told me he didn’t have enough time to eat his lunch so he was hungry, I told him he needs to focus on eating instead of talking.

When he told me he had no friends and that “the playground is so crowded that when I play with kids I lose them” my heart broke, but I told him he’d make friends soon.  And when he told me that he tries to listen to the teacher but the kid next to him was really distracting, I gave him tips on how to help the other boy pay attention.  When he told me they have no PE class, I got mad.

Overall, it wasn’t going too well.  But I didn’t want to jump off the deep end and chose to give it some time.  And I also recognized that by the end of the day, Conlan was worn out and grumpy and found it way too hard to reach into his little brain and tell me anything of value about his day.

Friends, I Think We’re Gonna Make It

How was your day?” I’d ask.

“Fine,” he’d respond.

“What did you write about in your journal today?” I’d inquire.

“I can’t remember!” he’d wail.  And I realized he was actually telling the truth.  It was just too much, too soon.

My boy, who quit snuggling long ago, began climbing into my lap.  He needed security.  Familiarity.  To be reminded of what it’s like to be valued and noticed and loved instead of feeling like just another kid in the midst of the chaos.  We played Legos.  We read books.  And slowly, I’d learn things.  He’d quietly sing a song he learned in music.  He’d tell me about a book his teacher read.  And he kept talking about the little boy who sat next to him who was seriously affecting his attitude about school and driving him bananas.  We’ll call him Ethan.

I tucked him in that night.  “I’m so glad I get to hear about Kindergarten, Conlan.  I know you’re having a hard time, but I need to know why.  You can’t just say you don’t like it – Daddy and I can’t help you


Do you ever catch yourself wondering, When, exactly, did life get so complicated?

When did it start going downhill?

Well, I’ll tell you.  It started when you turned five.


I never babied my baby.  I had heard a couple refer to their two-year-old as a “baby” some years earlier, and thought it was so ridiculous that I was determined to reserve that terminology exclusively for my child’s first year.

On his first birthday we celebrated by eating cupcakes, opening presents, and removing all bottles from the house.  Sippy cups only from that day forward.

He was no longer a baby, after all.

And as he grew, I parented him with a hedge of protection but also with a fair amount of space.  I gave him whole sandwiches when other kids were still having their food cut into small pieces.  I used big words and sentences instead of easy ones.  We exchanged the sippies for big-boy cups to see if he could learn through trial-and-error.  He did things on his own, made messes, made mistakes, and got frustrated.  He also mastered skills and experienced the pride of success.

But I was always there to pick up the pieces if something went awry, comfort him when he got upset, and help him out if something just wasn’t working.

He might have been learning about the world on his own terms, but he was never alone.

Until September 2014.

Five is hard, y’all.  Kindergarten is serious business.  They’ve got a million things to teach these little kids, and there are a lot of little kids.  It’s a big transition.

The same week that school started, it was Promotion Sunday at our church.  That meant Conlan moved to another new class in Sunday School – upstairs, with the big kids.

We were driving home that afternoon and I looked at him in the rear-view mirror.  He looked worn out and a little forlorn, peering out the window and watching the cars go by.

“How was your new class today, buddy?”

“Mommy, I never get to play anymore.”

And just like that, with the passing of the Labor Day holiday, my son was thrown from the world of play into the world of education.  It hit me hard.  And I suddenly wished that this little boy, who I had determined from the start not to baby, could hold tight to his little-boy-ness for just a little bit longer.

And he’s also on his own.  There is a teacher – a fabulous teacher – but part of her job is to shepherd these twenty-four little children into the world of independence and autonomy and big-kid-ness.  And she will be there in tough situations, but she will undoubtedly let them flail a bit to learn the hard lessons and grow in their abilities.

And it used to be me standing watch, letting him experience discomfort and frustration and stepping in when things got too difficult.  But the truth is, I probably stood a whole lot closer and rescued him a whole lot sooner.

I never babied my baby, but I wish I could baby him now.

Once you turn five, it’s all downhill.…

Backyard Project – Ugly Tree Stump

Here’s how things work in our house:  I have a random proposal/idea/project vision.  I tell my husband about it, who then has the sole responsibility to figure out how to actually make it happen.

Last fall my husband took down a tree in our backyard.  To be clear, this was not one of my brilliant ideas.  I was rather opposed, but the story ends happily with extra open yard space, a pile of firewood and pieces of wood we used for our kitchen cabinets and no loss of life or property.  It also ended with an ugly stump in our backyard.

“Babe!  I want you to figure out some way to put a metal post thingy with a loop on the top so we can have like a hangy-basket and flowers or something for it to be pretty!”

And, as usual, he stopped what he was doing and looked at me for a few moments without saying a word.  Then, the confused look cleared and he said, “I’m sure I can figure something out.”

Brilliance, meet practicality.

After buying the supplies, the whole project was done in less than half an hour.

Post Plant Hanger – Tree Stump Decoration


  • 1 fence post or deck post
  • 2 hanging basket hangers
  • 4 shelf brackets


  • drill
  • chainsaw, reciprocating saw, or circular saw


1.  Attach the planter hangers to the top of the post at your desired height.

2.  Attach the shelf brackets to the bottom of the post, making sure it is flush with the bottom.  More importantly, take a photo of the process and make sure your 5-year-old photobombs your efforts.

3.  Use a saw to cut grooves in the stump so your post will sit level on the stump.

DSC_10214.  Set the post on the stump and ensure it is level.

DSC_10405.  Affix the post to the stump.

DSC_1044I absolutely love the finished product.  It provides color and height in a previously ugly corner of the yard, and better yet, my Mother’s Day flowers came in hanging baskets this year!

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers: DIY Spice Blends

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Co-WorkersThis is totally not a guilt trip.  If you don’t give holiday gifts to your co-workers, that’s totally fine with me.  I never did, either, until this year when I got a little breathing room in my schedule.

See, my love language isn’t gifts.  And I think Dr. Chapman said that you expend a lot of your own energy naturally focusing on trying to speak your own love language to others because that’s just the way you were made.  So since my love language isn’t receiving gifts, gift-giving isn’t necessarily my strong suit, and when cute little packages or envelopes or chocolates show up on my desk on that final working day before the holiday reprieve, I usually think, “Oh, crap.  I’m so thoughtless.  I can’t believe I didn’t do anything this year, either.” but you can always give your wife gift of new painted kitchen as gift.

So just in case you want to pull a little something off for your co-workers, here’s a simple, inexpensive, and practical idea that you can throw together this weekend – just in time to give them out next week.

Give the gift of time!  Surprise your co-workers with pre-mixed spice blends to give them an easy night of cooking.  I’m even sending one of these off to my son’s teacher.

spice blend

Christmas Gift Spice Blends

I scaled up the spices to two of my fave easy weeknight recipes, bought small storage containers, packaged them in inexpensive holiday gift bags, and included recipe instructions.  Each little container contains enough spices for two meals for a total of four no-fuss dinners for my colleagues.  Some are working moms, some aren’t, but everybody appreciates a little cooking shortcut!

Fajita Spice Blend (makes 16 servings/8 gifts)

  • 24 tsp. cumin
  • 8 tsp. oregano
  • 4 tsp. each salt, cayenne pepper, and black pepper
  • 2 tsp. each garlic powder and onion powder

Crock Pot Chicken Spice Blend (makes blend for 16 chickens/8 gifts)

  • 32 tsp. paprika
  • 16 tsp. each salt, onion powder, and thyme
  • 8 tsp. garlic powder
  • 4 tsp. each cayenne pepper and black pepper

Combine spices for each recipe in a large bowl.  Portion them out among 8 small storage containers.  Include cooking instructions (click photo for a PDF printable which includes 5 recipe cards on one sheet).

spice blend giftsDo you exchange gifts with your co-workers?  If so, what are you planning to give them this year?