You have permission to print any of the digital images included in your purchased package for personal use, so please feel free to do so. But if you can print cheaply at any local shop, why would you choose to purchase prints from your photographer at a higher cost?

There are a few reasons to consider:


  • color & quality are consistent and professional
  • your photographer can guarantee that the photo you’ve chosen is a suitable resolution for the size you are ordering
  • if the crop does not work well with the size photo you’ve chosen, your photographer has access to your original photos and can re-crop to ensure the best result



Lustre Prints

wallets – $7 for a set of 8

5×7 – $3 each

8×10 – $6 each

11×14 – $12 each

16×20 – $30 each

16×24 – $40 each



8×10 – $80 each

11×14 – $100 each

16×24 – $150 each
*$50 minimum print order or a $10 shipping fee will be added. Please inquire about different print sizes or pricing on customized large orders to fit your needs!