For someone who doesn’t believe the Mommy Wars exist outside of a few crazies on the internet, I sure write about it enough.  As a working mom (or any mom, really!) you don’t have the time or energy to get worked up over people judging you without even knowing you.  It’s easier said than done, but consciously quitting the Mommy Wars and not allowing things to get under your skin will go a long way toward being content with your working motherhood journey.

You know that you love your children to the very depths of your soul.  That’s all that matters.

Check out the posts below to realize how ridiculous the mommy wars are, and start your own process of leaving them.

Book Reviews and Recommendations:  Mommy Wars

Over it.


Research Round-Up

Why Daycare Isn’t “Raising My Kids”

It’s Not a War, It’s a Sisterhood



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