Working Motherhood 101

If you’re new here, welcome!  I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope you find this corner of the web to be a helpful and friendly place.

Let me tell you why Family. Work. Life. exists.  I believe that working motherhood can be done incredibly poorly or incredibly well.  It is my goal to help you figure out how to do it well – whatever that looks like for your family.

If you’re feeling like you need to gain some control and don’t know where to start, browse through the posts below.  Then stick around, because I’m certain that you can learn how to control the crazy, hold on to your joy, and make working motherhood work for you!

We’ll figure this out together.  I promise.


manageableSeven Tips To Keep Working Motherhood Manageable

wpid-PhotoGrid_1401651434059.jpgLate.  And How I Plan To Fix It.

grass is greenerWhat To Do When The Grass Looks Greener

large toteBest Gifts For The Working-Mom-To-Be

backtoworkBack To Work Series


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